Gabriel Cramer

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Cramer, Gabriel


Born July 31, 1704, in Geneva; died Jan. 4, 1752, in Bagnoles, near Nimes, France. Swiss mathematician.

Cramer established and published in 1750 a rule for solving systems of linear equations with literal coefficients, thus laying the foundations of the theory of determinants. He also studied the theory of higher-order algebraic curves, including singular points and branches.


Introduction á I’analyse des lignes courbes algébriques. Geneva, 1750.
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Gabriel Cramer was a Swiss mathematician from the early part of the 18 th century (University of St Andrews, 2000) who devised a process for solving systems of linear equations using the determinants of matrices.
He concludes that despite the habitual denials, the first dialogue is indeed by Voltaire, and the second by a member of his entourage, possibly Gabriel Cramer.