Gabriel Lippmann

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Lippmann, Gabriel


Born Aug. 16, 1845, in Hollerich, Luxembourg; died July 12, 1921, on the steamship France. French physicist. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1886).

Lippmann graduated from the Ecole Normale in Paris in 1868 and subsequently studied in Heidelberg. In 1883 he became a professor at the University of Paris. Lippmann studied elec-trocapillary phenomena, the oscillations of a pendulum, the vibrations of a tuning fork, the reversibility of the piezoelectric effect in quartz, the polarization of galvanic elements, and other phenomena. In 1891 he developed a method of color photography based on the phenomenon of light interference (Nobel Prize, 1908), and in 1908 a method of integral photography.


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