Gabriele Petkevicaite

Petkevičaitė, Gabrielė


(pen name Bitė). Born Mar. 18, 1861, in Puziniškis, now in Panevėžys Raion; died July 14, 1943, in Panevėžys. Lithuanian writer.

Petkevičaitė, who graduated from a private women’s school in 1878, was a schoolteacher from 1919 to 1924. She began publishing in 1890. Her work, which has a democratic character, includes topical articles, the collection of short stories Specks of Dust (1905), the two-volume Diary of the War Years (1925–31), the memoirs Out of Our Struggle and Misfortunes (1927), and the novel To the Stars (vols. 1–2, 1933).


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