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Roy, Gabrielle


(pen name of Marcelle Carbotte). Born 1909 in Saint Boniface, Manitoba. Canadian writer.

Roy writes in French. She is one of the first French Canadian realists to write about urban workers. Her first novel, Tin Flute (1945; Russian translation, 1972), is well known. It truthfully depicts the life, character, and psychology of the residents of a workers’ suburb of Montreal. The novel Where Nests the Water Hen (1950) describes the life of pioneers on the prairie. Cashier (1954) is a novel about the hopeless dreams of the average man. The semiautobiographical book Street of Riches (1955) deals with childhood spent on the prairie. Roy also wrote the novel Hidden Mountain (1961), which is about a talented artist from the people, and the short-story collection Road Past Altamont (1966).


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La presence de Gabrielle Roy dans ce chapitre peut etonner, mais cela nous vaut une analyse completement renouvelee de la personnalite de Gabrielle Roy, au-dela de la biographie de Francois Ricard, a travers les pages de <<La detresse et V enchantement >> et surtout de <<Le temps m'a manque>>.
The second essay in this special issue introduces a writer too-little known in this country, the award-winning Canadian author, Gabrielle Roy.
Cet ouvrage tres interessant se situe dans le prolongement de deux titres publies chez le meme editeur sous la direction de Jane Everett et de Francois Ricard: Gabrielle Roy reecrite (2003) et Gabrielle Roy inedite (2005).
lt;<Parcs, squares et jardins dans La Montagne secrete de Gabrielle Roy.
Package includes a two-night stay at the Norwood Hotel, a romantic dinner for two aboard the train at La Vieille Gare Restaurant and admission to the Gabrielle Roy House, the ancestral home of one of Canada's most influential 20th-century authors, best remembered for her novel, The Tin Flute.
These women from our recent past (Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm and author Gabrielle Roy, among others) often found themselves bound by traditional racial or gender roles and, through their own gumption, got the education and experience necessary to make names for themselves.
Sudbury and area residents can practise their golf swing in the winter, thanks to the efforts of entrepreneurs Gabrielle Roy and her partner Rob McCann.
In Rue Deschambault and Ces enfants de ma vie, Gabrielle Roy lyrically recounts several attempts at cultural border crossings in her series of short stories that are written in an autobiographical vein.
Housed in an old warehouse with the National Screen Institute and assorted advertising and computer companies, Buffalo Gal Pictures has made an impressive name for itself with co-productions, such as John Greyson's haunting Law of Enclosures, Lea Pool's Gabrielle Roy, Colleen Murphy's Desire and The Genius of Lenny Breau, a documentary about the troubled Winnipeg guitar legend.
Things haven't changed much from the childhood days of celebrated Canadian novelist Gabrielle Roy, a French Manitoban, who recalled in her autobiography, Enchantment and Sorrow, a shopping trip to Eaton's from her haven of St.
A notable exception is Marc Gagne's Visages de Gabrielle Roy, l'oeuvre et l'ecrivain (1973), an analysis that cuts a wider swath through her works on this subject than most.
The book has already received the 2006 Gabrielle Roy Prize from the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literature, and its author, Nick Mount, gave a keynote lecture at the 2006 meeting of the Bibliographical Society of Canada.