Gabriello Fallopio

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Fallopio, Gabriello


(also Falloppio, Falloppia, Fallopius). Born 1523 in Modena; died Oct. 9, 1562, in Padua. Italian physician and anatomist.

Fallopio studied medicine in Modena as a student of A. Vesalius. He was a professor at the universities of Pisa (1548–51), Ferrara (1548), and Padua (beginning in 1551). His principal research was in human anatomy. Fallopio described the skeleton and vessels of the fetus as well as the inguinal ligament, the facial canal within the petrous part of the temporal bone, and the human oviducts (fallopian tubes). He also studied the structure of the liver, the bile ducts, and the urinary tract.


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