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in the Bible, son of Jacob and Zilpah and eponymous founder of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Its allotment was half of GileadGilead
, in the Bible. 1 Eponym of the Gileadites, grandson of Manasseh. 2 Gadite. 3 Jephthah's father. 4 City near Mizpah, denounced by Hosea. 5 Fertile, mountainous region, NE of the Dead Sea.
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; this was the land best suited to the pastoral life, which Gad, like Reuben, continued after the years in Egypt. The "people of Gad" are mentioned on the Moabite stone.
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(mining engineering)
A heavy steel wedge, 6 or 8 inches (15 or 20 centimeters) long, with a narrow chisel point used in mining to cut samples, break out pieces of loose rock, and so on.
A small iron punch with a wooden handle used to break up ore.
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Old Testament
a. Jacob's sixth son, whose mother was Zilpah, Leah's maid
b. the Israelite tribe descended from him
c. the territory of this tribe, lying to the east of the Jordan and extending southwards from the Sea of Galilee
2. a prophet and admonisher of David (I Samuel 22; II Samuel 24)
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'The same Section also provides that the GAD Plan shall be integrated with the regular activities of the agencies with at least five per cent fund allocation based on their budgets,' COA added.
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gdrm "Gad is exalted" (eighth a), gdql "Gad has spoken" (eighth c), and gd'zyz "Gad is strong" (fifth c.) in Aramaic; (4) cf.
A receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis revealed that the plasma NPS levels could enable the identification of GAD with a 67.5% sensitivity and 62.5% specificity (AUC=0.658, 95%; CI=0.543-0.760, p=0.009), when the cut-off value was 25.06 pg/mL (Figure 2).
Deschamps estime qu'il s'agit[beaucoup moins que]d'une facon symbolique de demontrer qu'une superstar comme Gad Elmaleh ne peut partir comme si de rien n'y etait avec des gags copies sur d'autres scenes[beaucoup plus grand que].
The PCW shall support the capacity-building of the city, GAD focal point system members and the implementers of the notable GAD efforts to strengthen their capacity in providing technical assistance to other LGUs and institutions in relation to the notable GAD programs.
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Serum GAD autoantibodies (GADA) and IA-2A were estimated in duplicate by means of a radio-binding assay, using [sup.35]S-labeled recombinant human [GAD.sub.65] as previously described [26].
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