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in the Bible, son of Jacob and Zilpah and eponymous founder of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Its allotment was half of GileadGilead
, in the Bible. 1 Eponym of the Gileadites, grandson of Manasseh. 2 Gadite. 3 Jephthah's father. 4 City near Mizpah, denounced by Hosea. 5 Fertile, mountainous region, NE of the Dead Sea.
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; this was the land best suited to the pastoral life, which Gad, like Reuben, continued after the years in Egypt. The "people of Gad" are mentioned on the Moabite stone.


(mining engineering)
A heavy steel wedge, 6 or 8 inches (15 or 20 centimeters) long, with a narrow chisel point used in mining to cut samples, break out pieces of loose rock, and so on.
A small iron punch with a wooden handle used to break up ore.


Old Testament
a. Jacob's sixth son, whose mother was Zilpah, Leah's maid
b. the Israelite tribe descended from him
c. the territory of this tribe, lying to the east of the Jordan and extending southwards from the Sea of Galilee
2. a prophet and admonisher of David (I Samuel 22; II Samuel 24)
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The widow of Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo suggested that agencies should focus on GAD programs that will improve women's economic status.
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One thing that particularly motivates me as a treatment researcher is the idea that those with GAD could be making themselves chronically miserable in an effort to protect themselves from future catastrophes that likely are not even going to happen.
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Approximately 46 tourism companies and tour operators deal with Amadeus Egypt, according to Gad, who added that Egyptian tourism companies should take advantage of the recession in the sector now and start training their human resources in preparation for the recovery of the sector in the upcoming period.
GlobalData's epidemiological analysis provides a country-specific forecast for the diagnosed prevalent cases of GAD in the 8MM during 2014-2024.
Embracing failure, Gad keeps a "1600 Penn" poster in his dressing room.
Si bien Carlota y Gad han convertido esta ciudad en una de sus favoritas, y varias veces han pasado alli unos dias de descanso, mientras el aprovecha para hacer gestiones en la Meca del Cine.
Gad brings with him vast experience of insurance and reinsurance beside administrative and marketing experience during his prolonged stay with PRCL.
SED International Holdings Inc (OTC:SEDN), a multinational supply chain management provider and distributor of computer technology, consumer electronics and small appliance products, announced on Friday that the company's chairman Sham Gad will assume the role of chief executive officer during the key transitional process for the company.
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