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The Politics of History and the Vernacular in Early Twentieth-century Ghana: Situating Gaddiel Acqaah's Ogun Aban in Ghananian Social and Literary History.
Elaborating upon this authorial pronouncement, Nana Wilson-Tagoe published a paper titled "The Politics of History and the Vernacular in Early Twentieth-Century Ghana: Situating Gaddiel Acquaah's Oguaa Aban in Ghanaian Social and Literary History" (2006), in which she demonstrates, among other things, the intertextuality that binds Two Thousand Seasons to Acquaah's Oguaa Aban, which tends to confirm Armah's local inspiration.
and Deacon Silas ben Gaddiel and his family seek to survive the conflicts among early Christians, share the joy inherent in experiencing the faith and such simple pleasures as sharing a meal, and the perils confronted daily by the faithful for living under the Roman rule of Nero.
A version of the Akan chronicle was published in 1939 by the Rev Gaddiel Acquaah, a Fantse convert to the European religion, Christianity.