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Spain: see CádizCádiz
, city (1990 pop. 156,903), capital of Cádiz prov., SW Spain, in Andalusia, on the Bay of Cádiz. Picturesquely situated on a promontory (joined to the Isla de León, just off the mainland), it is today chiefly a port exporting wines and other
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Choreographed in 1974, Gades' flamenco-ballet is based on the tragedy of the same title by Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca, interweaving a story of forbidden love in a Spanish village and the tragic consequences that arise from it.
Gade engines in general lack proper identification information.
The scene was carefully constructed by the late Gades "to synthesize that pain dances like a man that is going to die and is meeting his death with austerity, without becoming frantic or making a spectacle." As the two men lay dead on the floor, the ballet closes with the bride looking at her blood-stained hands.
After Gades's death, Arauzo became artistic director of the company and 20 years onward, she's still dancing Carmen.
People make a fuss nowadays about liking their flamenco "pure." Gades was certainly a preacher of flamenco integrity.
Although they are quite rare, at least nine Gade Bros.