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Spain: see CádizCádiz
, city (1990 pop. 156,903), capital of Cádiz prov., SW Spain, in Andalusia, on the Bay of Cádiz. Picturesquely situated on a promontory (joined to the Isla de León, just off the mainland), it is today chiefly a port exporting wines and other
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Dubai: Team United's Grandmaster (GM) Gadir Guseinov of Azerbaijan and GM Alexei Barsov of Uzbekistan swept their final four matches Monday night to steal the championship from opening-day leaders Pharaohs in the Dubai Cup - Ramadan Blitz Chess Team Tournament 2016 at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.
Tanto la produccion como el trafico comercial pudieron estar gestionados por el vecino templo de melqart, centro religioso, ideologico y economico ademas de hito geografico, que marca la frontera territorial meridional de Gadir como entidad politica, de acuerdo con la interpretacion defendida por Ruiz mata (1999: 291).
Gadir completed the rout when he made it 6-0 from 12 yards a minute from time as the Glens wilted MACCABI HAIFA: Davidovich, Teixeira, Culma Jairo, Dvalishvili, Shahbary, Masilela, Katan, Keinan, Kayal, Rafaelov, Meshumar GLENTORAN: Morris, Nixon, Neill, Clarke, Leeman, Ward, Fordyce, Hamilton, Waterworth, Taylor, Black.
ABSTRACT: In this paper we present new data about the production in the pre-roman and republican pottery workshops of Gadir of several amphorae types which were imitations of greek and greco-italic prototipes, extending this phenomenon between the 5th and 1st centuries BC at least.
Now Jal has teamed up with Abdel Gadir Salim--a singer, composer and oud player (a lute-like instrument) from the Kordofan province.
Azerbaijan GM Gadir Guseinov, Russian IM Fasily Babin, Yemeni Bashir Al Qadimi, French IM Mehrshad Sharif, Moroccan Master Ali Sabar, Uzbekistani grandmaster Marat Dzhumaev and Syrian international player Suhaib AL Okla, took the places from 4th to 10th, respectively.
Il y a beaucoup de travail a [beaucoup moins que] Gadir [beaucoup plus grand que] et.
Munire Zabad, from Kilkenny, was overjoyed as his children - Ali, seven, and five-year-old Gadir - and his mother Roselyn arrived safe in Dublin after their two-day journey from Tyre in Lebanon.
Gulf News talked to Gadir Teeti, one of five children who were sent to the UAE by the PCRF for medical treatment last year.