Gaelic football

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Gaelic football:

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any of a number of games in which two opposing teams attempt to score points by moving an inflated oval or round ball past a goal line or into a goal. Differing greatly in their rules, these include soccer (association football) and rugby, in addition to the games
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There will also be a display of Gaelic football skills as the Brothers Pearse GAA celebrates 40 years of youth Gaelic football in the town.
Dual star McKaigue said: "I think it's proven now that if you want to win big honours in Gaelic football, club or county, you're not going to do it if you're ultra defensive.
It's fantastic to see Positive Youth Foundation collaborating closely with St Finbarrs, who play a key part in the development of Gaelic football in Coventry and have been the heart and soul of the community for many decades," said Dean.
Will rugby union have merged with Gaelic football and Aussie Rules?
The Irishman, who has played Gaelic football for 34 years and who is a former chairman of Dubai Celts GAA Club, is convinced the Games will be a success and greatly boost Gaelic sports' profile and development in the Middle East.
Coley Folan, the husband of TJ's godmother, was the youngster's Gaelic football coach at Sean McDermott's GAA, a Warwick-Warwickshire-based Irish sports outfit.
Ireland trailed 35-7 at halftime or, in Gaelic football scoring, by 0-11 to 0-1.
On Sunday, her son, Sean, 9, was among the dozen or so boys learning skills in both hurling and Gaelic football, which is similar to soccer.
Hope's team will now head on to Belfast for the semi-final/final weekend of the All-Ireland Cup, the pinnacle of Student Gaelic Football.
BAHRAIN Rugby Football Club in Saar will this afternoon play host to a unique sporting clash between two teams from the Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Club.
CU CHULAINN'S GAC have become the first North East club to reign supreme in the All-Britain Gaelic Football Championships.
THE GAELIC football community in South Wales has paid its respects to GAA manager Mickey Harte, whose daughter was murdered while on honeymoon.