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Moving beyond the established focus on North America, Kidd surveys the corpus of Gaelic literature produced in Australia and New Zealand to demonstrate that the Gaelic periodical press was not only international, with contributors and distribution networks spanning the globe, but also 'transperipheral', with a periodical like the Canadian weekly Mac-Talla boasting subscribers and contributors from New Zealand.
His title comes from seanchaidh, a professional custodian of seanchas, or communal memory, he explains, and much Gaelic literature refers to North America in terms of the forest, coille.
Reflections on Language and Identity in Modern Gaelic Literature.
Scholars and activists, as many in or from Europe as in or from the Americas, consider such topics as the Cornish in the Americas as chameleons, the role of the Welsh Language Project in revitalizing Welsh in the Argentine province of Chubut, The Cueudach Tale in Scotland and Cape Breton, the introduction of racialism to Gaelic literature and culture, and the linguistic policy of the Catholic Church towards missionaries sent to eastern Canada from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
16) Its initial aims were (1) "the preservation of Irish as the national language of Ireland and the extension of its use as a spoken language" and (2) "the study and publication of existing Gaelic literature, and the cultivation of a modern literature in Irish.
It must be said in Connolly's favour that the historiography of Gaelic literature does not lend itself easily to synthetic surveys.
This key work of Irish romanticism, which was published in the year of revolution, 1789, had a significant effect on the way Gaelic literature was perceived and presented in the following century.
The event, which celebrates Gaelic literature, will be held at the Centre for Contemporary Arts.
Campbell's former home, Canna House, holds a substantial collection of Gaelic literature, photographs and folk songs, although these are not currently open to the public.
Part of the literary revival was a renewed enthusiasm for Gaelic literature, language and culture.
In the Gaelic literature of Ireland, early prose and verse legends of gods and folk heroes, most of which originated during or before the 11th century.