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(gä`grə) or


(gä`grē), city (2011 pop. 12,364), Abkhazia, W Georgia, on the Black Sea and at the foot of the Greater Caucasus. It is a subtropical health resort.



a city (since 1933), center of Gagra Raion, Abkhazian ASSR. Seaside climate health resort. Located on the Novorossiisk-Batumi Black Sea Highway. A port on the Black Sea. Has a railroad station 80 km northwest of Sukhumi. Population, 23,000 (1970).

Gagra occupies a narrow coastal belt and the slopes of the Gagra Range, which are covered with thick forests. The summers are very warm (average August temperature of 23° C), and the winters are mild (average January temperature of 6° C); precipitation ranges up to 1,400 mm a year. Methods of medical treatment include air-sun and sea therapy, as well as baths using hydrogen sulfide water; this water is similar in composition to that of Matsesta, near Sochi. Patients with respiratory diseases (of nontubercular origin), circulatory diseases, and nervous diseases are treated in Gagra. The city has sanatoriums, balneological treatment centers, rest homes, and boardinghouses; there is also a tourist center. The season lasts the whole year round, and swimming extends from May through October. Along the coast of the Black Sea stretches a beautiful seafront and park (about 14 sq km in area) with ponds and rich subtropical vegetation. Gagra has picturesque environs (the gorges of the Zhvava-Kvara and Tsikherva rivers), and to the south of the city is located the new health resort of Pitsunda. The industry of Gagra is mainly connected with services to the health resort; it includes a meat-packing complex, a dairy, a winery, and a fish-processing plant, among others.


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Assistant Commissioner Gagra Jamshed Khan represented Deputy Commissioner Khaista Rehman Khan.
Other projects Clearance of un-cleared cheques issued to government contractors, providing solar system to Water Supply Schemes feasibility and design for rehabilitation and Emergent Nature works in Governors House Peshawar and Governors House Nathiagali, feasibility and design of Survey and Supervision of Building for Tehsil Gagra, District Buner, Improvement, Widening and Rehabilitation of Road from Bannu Kohat Road to Indus Highway via Garrison College, Dhoda Golf Club, Kohat , Rehabilitation of road from Gulshan Abad Chowk - Jerma Bridge via Hangu Pattak, District Kohat and Construction of Swat Motorway (Land Acquisition).
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Almasbey Kchach shot himself at his house in the town of Gagra on Tuesday after police arrived to arrest him for his alleged involvement in plotting to ambush Abkhaz leader Alexander Ankvab s motorcade in February, reports said.
The Afghans did not heed the warning they were issued three weeks before demolition of their houses in Bacha Mena, Abdul Khad, Gagra and Sadokhel areas started, he added.
2 suspected terrorists voluntarily surrendered to security forces at Gagra near Daggar and Maniari.
But there was a bloody reminder of the fragile peace in the region when a bomb left in a rubbish bin killed two and wounded seven in the resort town of Gagra.
Underlining continued tensions in the region, one person was killed and two wounded in a bomb blast on Wednesday in the Abkhaz resort of Gagra.
From this point of view, the biggest advantage Abkhazia would offer Russia, apart from quick connection to the Mediterranean and beyond, is the all-seasons operability of its ports Sokhumi, Gagra, Gudauta, Pitsunda and Ochamchira--due to its mild subtropical climate.
Most of the song is spliced together from televised snippets of my winning answers to the 1997 Nationals, which unfortunately included Bangkok, Thailand; Gagra, Georgia; and the Batman River of Turkey.
The show's wardrobe department went through dozens of Asian wedding magazines before coming up with Sunita's stunning outfit, a beautiful embroidered red skirt and dress - known as a Gagra Choli.