Gaius Cilnius Maecenas

Maecenas, Gaius Cilnius


Born between 74 and 64 B.C.; died 8 B.C. Roman political figure; adviser to the emperor Augustus. Staunch supporter of the monarchy.

Although he never held public office, Maecenas carried out important political and diplomatic missions for Octavian in the 30’s (for example, in negotiations with Mark Antony) and also private business (contracting Octavian’s marriage to Scribonia). He was known for his influence on the literary life of Rome. He was friendly with the best poets of his day, such as Horace, Vergil, and Propertius, and gave them patronage and protection. Small fragments of Maecenas’ prose and poetry have survived. His name has become a common term for a patron of scholars and artists.


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