Gaius Verres

Verres, Gaius


Year of birth unknown; died 43 B.C. Roman political figure.

Verres was an adherent of Cornelius Sulla. He was legate in Asia in 80 B.C. and praetor in 74 B.C. During the years 73-71 B.C. Verres governed the province of Sicily, where he was notorious for his corrupt actions and extortions. Because of these he was tried in court upon his return to Rome; Cicero acted as prosecutor. Considering his case to be lost, Verres voluntarily went into exile even before the end of his trial. During the Second Triumvirate, Verres was placed by M. Antony in the proscription list and executed.

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He is a victim of the incredibly greedy and violent governor of the island, Gaius Verres.
governor of Sicily, Gaius Verres, and published not only the speeches he
A similar lack of enthusiasm for dealing with pirates was displayed by Gaius Verres, the Roman governor of Sicily between 73 and 71 BC.