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Galahad, asteroid 2,082 (the 2,082nd asteroid to be discovered, on October 17, 1960), is approximately 14 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 5 years. Galahad was named after the knight of the Round Table. J. Lee Lehman associates this asteroid with the challenge of merging action and contemplation, with reminders that movement through life is a spiritual process. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of Galahad as “a mystical union between human and deity, merging action with contemplation.”


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Galaad told Mrs Whitaker about his mother Elaine, who was flighty and no better than she should have been and something of a witch to boot; and his grandfather King Pelles, who was well-meaning although at best a little vague; and of his youth in the Castle of Bliant on the Joyous Isle; and his father, whom he knew as 'Le Chevalier Mal Fet', who was more or less completely mad, and was in reality Lancelot du Lac, greatest of knights.
Their reactions are a marked contrast to Galaad's: he 'saw the Grail on her mantelpiece, and dropped to one knee ...
The bizarre multiplication and interaction of narrative perspectives are underlined by the language, the narrative style, which enhances the irony in "Chivalry." The descriptions and the dialogues are constantly fluctuating between different styles, crossing the boundaries of everyday language, Galaad's archaic and mystical prose, and the occasionally religious overtones.
"This," said Galaad, "is the sword Balmung, forged by Wayland Smith in the dawn times.
A l'endemain, quant Galaad ot oie messe, si se parti de laienz et comanda les freres a Dieu, et se mist en sa voie et chevaucha en telle maniere cinc anz entiers ancois qu'il venist a la meson au Roi Mehaignie.
A tribo de Galaad estava em guerra com a de Efraim.
Adam Sem Celydoines 1 Seth Arfaxad Narpus 2 Enos Sale Nasciens 3 Cainan Eber Elyan le Gros 4 Malalehel Faleg Ysaies 5 Iared Reu Jonaans 6 Enoch Sarug Lancelot 7 Mathusalam Nahur Bans 8 Lamech Thare Lancelot 9 Noe Abr(ah)am Galaad The numerical pattern of the Biblical genealogies was noticed and commented upon by patristic exegetes, who even found further Biblical examples of this patterning.