Galacturonic Acid

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galacturonic acid

[gə¦lakt·yə¦rän·ik ′as·əd]
The monobasic acid resulting from oxidation of the primary alcohol group ofD-galactose to carboxyl; it is widely distributed as a constituent of pectins and many plant gums and mucilages.

Galacturonic Acid


(also called hexuronic acid), formed in organisms by oxidation of the primary hydroxyl of galactose to a carboxyl group. The presence of aldehyde, hydroxyl, and carboxyl groups makes galacturonic acid a polyfunctional compound.

Galacturonic acid is widespread in nature and is a structural component of a number of higher polysaccharides. Together with other uronic acids, it forms readily in plant tissues and is a component of gums, mucilages, and other substances. Pectins are esters of macromolecular polygalacturonic acids. Under the action of the enzyme decarboxylase in plants, galacturonic acid changes into arabinose.

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Therefore, quantitative evaluation of the enzyme activity from the standard curve of galacturonic acid displayed the maximum enzyme activity among the two strains of Bacillus i.
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The overall objective of this project is to further establish the value chains based on MCF, arabinose (Ara) and galacturonic acid (GalA).
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Intact citrus pectin molecules are long-chain, branched polysaccharides made from individual galacturonic acid molecules strung together.
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