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Romania: see GalaţiGalaţi
or Galatz
, city (1990 pop. 326,139), E Romania, on the lower Danube. It is a regional administrative and economic center and a major inland port, home of the Romanian Danube flotilla. Grain and timber are the chief exports.
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An optimal balance may be required between some immobilisation to protect the repair and some load to promote healing within the tendon (Galatz et al., 2009).
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M21, the Galil GALATZ sniper rifle was introduced although nothing more than a modified Galil semiautomatic-only caliber 7.62x51mm NATO ARM.
When doubts were raised regarding the up-river stocking locations (which, it was feared, could result in only females being produced), half a million eel were transported in 1887 from Rendsburg to Galatz at the head of the Danube Delta (where production of males was expected), a total distance of 1,580 km covered in seven days.
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Rosenberg, who made aliyah in 2006, told Galatz (Israeli Army radio) why she decided to leave the war zone and come home: "It was a difficult decision to leave my friends in the fighting but the many of the dynamics of the war have changed and there is much more Iranian involvement.
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On June 6, Eaker's mission left Poltava, bombing the airfield at Galatz, Romania, on its return to Italy.