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A yellowish to brownish gum resin derived from Ferula galbaniflua, a perennial herb of western Asia; used in medicine.



a gum resin derived from plants of the genus Ferula of the family Umbelliferae. It is obtained mainly from the Ferula galbaniflua, which grows on dry steppe slopes in the mountains of Turkmenia and Iran, by tapping the stems or from the natural excrescences formed in places harmed by insects. Galbanum has a yellow-brown color, a carrot-like odor, and a bitter taste. It contains 24-66 percent resin, 11-19 percent gum, and 6-10 percent essential oils.

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95, Naturistics Sheer Emotion moisturizing body splashes are available in five scents -- Joyful, formulated with neroli, bergamot and petitgrain in a sunny floral scent; Loving, made with orange oil, chamomile oil and galbanum in a rosy floral fragrance; Jealous, a mixture of jasmine, orange blossom and citrus that produces a sultry aroma; Passionate, with verbena, vanilla and bergamot for a sensual floral scent, and Sensitive, a warm floral fragrance achieved with jasmine, rose and vanilla.
Bio Shower, an invigorating and energizing fragrance for daily washing, features notes of lemon, orange pulp and sliver of ginger with touches of fresh galbanum.
The main note of musk is combined with top citrus notes of lemon and petitgrain combined with a green note of galbanum, with a heart composed of ylang ylang flowers, jasmine and violet.
Lime, geranium, galbanum, bergamot and marine create a cool, floral top note, while patchouli, sandalwood, musk and amber impart warm and sensual accents to the base.
This chypre floral opens with violet leaf, galbanum and rich plum with a heart of crystal jasmine petals, crushed Persian rose, leather, Kerala cardamom and iris with a dry down of Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, golden amber, oakmoss and labdanum.
The fresh floral body consists of Bulgari rose, green galbanum, jasmine and geranium.
Composed by Marie Salamagne of Firmenich and Sylvaine Delacourte, artistic director of Guerlain fragrances, Aqua Alegoria Laurier-Reglisse features bergamot, orange blossom, liquorice wood, laurel, violet and galbanum.
For instance, the following gives advice on how to make an incense: "and the Lord said unto Moses, take unto thee sweet spices, Stacte (also known as storax) and Onycha (also known as labdanum) and Galbanum, also Frankincense; of each there shall be a like weight, and make an incense blended as by the perfumer.