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peak: see JotunheimenJotunheimen
, mountain group, S central Norway; highest of Scandinavia. It culminates in Galdhøpiggen (8,098 ft/2,468 m high) and Glittertinden (8,104 ft/2,470 m). The Jostedalsbreen, a huge glacier, is to the west. Sparsely inhabited, the region is used for summer pasture.
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, Norway.



highest peak in the Scandinavian Mountains, in Norway, in Jotunheimen. Altitude, 2,469 m. Made of crystalline rocks (gabbro). It has small glaciers and permanent snow. It is a tourist attraction.

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This range, sloping to the southeast, is 1,530 km in length and has its highest areas in the south of Norway, where Galdhopiggen, Norway's highest point, reaches a height of 2,469 m (8,100 ft).