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(hemp nettle), a genus of plants of the family Labiatae. The plants are hairy annual grasses. The leaves are opposite, and the flowers are in verticillate inflorescences in the axils of the upper leaves. The corolla has two hollow bottle-shaped projections on the lower lip.

There are approximately ten species of hemp nettle, distributed in temperate regions of Eurasia. Five species are found in the USSR, growing as weeds in fields, gardens, wastelands, damp forests, clearings and thickets, as well as along roads. All species are poisonous to man and animals. Widespread species include the common hemp nettle (G. tetrahit), G. ladanum, and G. bifida. G. ladanum often grows on stubble fields. The most harmful species is the large-flowered hemp nettle (G. speciosa), which grows among summer grain crops, vegetables, and plantings of flax. It also grows on plowed land. Nearly all species of Galeopsis yield nectar and beebread.


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A HIATUS hernias can be greatly helped with Galeopsis, at a dose of 15 drops, twice a day.
A hiatus hernia, which is a hairline crack, can sometimes be healed by the herb Galeopsis.
ABED-WETTING is best helped by giving the sufferer the preparation Galeopsis at a dose of 10 drops, twice a day, before meals.