Gallaudet University

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Gallaudet University,

at Washington, D.C.; coeducational; with federal support. It was founded (1856) as the Kendall School, a training school for deaf and blind students, by Edward Miner Gallaudet (see under Gallaudet, Thomas HopkinsGallaudet, Thomas Hopkins
, 1787–1851, American educator of the deaf, b. Philadelphia, grad. Andover Theological Seminary. In England and France he studied methods of education in schools for the deaf, and in Hartford, Conn.
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). Later primarily for the hearing-impaired, the school changed its name to Gallaudet College in 1954 and achieved university status in 1986. Special programs include instruction in the use of telecommunications in the classroom and an associate degree in interpreting for the deaf. Gallaudet's Kendall Demonstration Elementary School provides a tuition-free education, as well as diagnostic, medical, and social services for deaf children. There is also a secondary school for the deaf and a division of public services, which offers continuing education for the deaf, curriculum development, sign language programs, and training in physical disablities for professionals.
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The task force consisted of four of our board members and two individuals from Gallaudet University.
The Laurent Clerc Center at Gallaudet University, has an ambitious project to encourage parents to read to their deaf children.
Construction of a 145,000 square foot Training and Development Center at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.
According to the National Information Center on Deafness, located at Gallaudet University, there are sixty-two national organizations of, by, and for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
Gallaudet University is a private, multi-purpose, educational institution and resource center that serves hearing-impaired people.
Ethnographic research with deaf communities reveals deaf culture, identity, and empowerment in three different cultures: Flanders in Belgium, Gallaudet University of Washington DC, and Cameroon in Africa.
As an alumni and employee at Gallaudet University, we recently had an unpleasant experience with a presidential search that has resulted in the university now facing an uphill struggle on various levels.
For more information, contact: Gallaudet University Press, 800 Florida Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20002; phone: 800-621-2736 or 773-568-1550; email: <gupress@gallaudet.
Using a combination of program staff and a trained core of students from the ``big three'' universities that serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing - CSUN, Gallaudet University and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf - 3R will provide teachers and administrators with innovative teaching methods and strategies for working with deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
s Gallaudet University confessed February 13 to the murders of two fellow freshmen, Eric Plunkett (who was openly gay) in September and Benjamin Varner on February 1.
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