Gallaudet University

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Gallaudet University,

at Washington, D.C.; coeducational; with federal support. It was founded (1856) as the Kendall School, a training school for deaf and blind students, by Edward Miner Gallaudet (see under Gallaudet, Thomas HopkinsGallaudet, Thomas Hopkins
, 1787–1851, American educator of the deaf, b. Philadelphia, grad. Andover Theological Seminary. In England and France he studied methods of education in schools for the deaf, and in Hartford, Conn.
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). Later primarily for the hearing-impaired, the school changed its name to Gallaudet College in 1954 and achieved university status in 1986. Special programs include instruction in the use of telecommunications in the classroom and an associate degree in interpreting for the deaf. Gallaudet's Kendall Demonstration Elementary School provides a tuition-free education, as well as diagnostic, medical, and social services for deaf children. There is also a secondary school for the deaf and a division of public services, which offers continuing education for the deaf, curriculum development, sign language programs, and training in physical disablities for professionals.
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Dr Rashid, who is also the Dean, School of Education, Business and Human Services, Gallaudet University, Washington said the university was important to help the hearing impaired citizens experience university education.
This interest was encouraged by a stint on the faculty of Gallaudet University, a college designed for Deaf students.
Militant "Deaf Pride" activism first gained national visibility in 1988, when six radical students at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., the country's only liberal arts university for the deaf, successfully blocked the appointment of a hearing university president by organizing student protests.
Men's Real Estate Association of New York, trustee of The New York Association for the Blind, trustee of The Greenwich Hospital Association, trustee of The Ethel Walker School, and trustee of Gallaudet University, sharing his time and knowledge to promote their success.
Five years ago, one of our members, Gallaudet University (for the hearing impaired), Washington, D.C., expressed interest in sending several students to a professional development program that we were offering.
The Laurent Clerc Center at Gallaudet University, has an ambitious project to encourage parents to read to their deaf children.
Construction of a 145,000 square foot Training and Development Center at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C., will begin in May, with completion slated for November 1994.
Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind "to grant and confirm such degrees in the liberal arts and sciences as are usually granted and conferred in colleges." Five years late, in 1869, the first class of three deaf men received a college degree from this institution, then called the National Deaf-Mute College (later Gallaudet College and presently Gallaudet University).
Gallaudet University is a private, multi-purpose, educational institution and resource center that serves hearing-impaired people.
Armstrong of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., is whether language developed gradually through a series of stages beginning 2 million or more years ago, or arose relatively recently among anatomically modern humans.
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