Gallery House

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Gallery House


a type of multistory apartment house where open galleries on each floor on one side of the building serve as entrances to the apartment; it is particularly popular at the present time. The galleries are connected by elevators and stairways. Gallery houses are economical because fewer staircases and elevator shafts are needed; another advantage is that apartments face two sides. Gallery houses are best suited to southern regions. Long galleries using protective barriers made of colored panels and patterned railings (and using sun-protective devices in the south) greatly enrich the architectural appearance of these buildings.


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French Vernacular architecture

In America, architecture found primarily in Louisiana and in many early settlements along the Mississippi River; it exhibits the influences of two major French-speaking immigrant populations. The first group, from Canada, the Acadians, whose descendants are now known as Cajuns, settled in the bayou districts of Louisiana during the last half of the 18th century in modest houses known as Cajun cottages. The second major ethnic group consisted of the Creoles, persons of European ancestry born in the Mississippi Valley, the Gulf Coast, or the West Indies, who usually spoke a French patois; their dwellings are known as Creole houses. For specific aspects of this architecture see abat-vent, banquette cottage, barreaux, bluffland house, bonnet roof, bousillage, briquette-entre-poteaux, cabanne, columbage, faux bois, faux marbre, pièce sur pièce construction, pierrotage, pilier, plaunch debout en terre construction, poteaux-en-terre house, poteauxsur-solle house, raised house.
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