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video game controller

The input device used to control a video game. Controllers have evolved from a single joystick with one button to devices with joy sticks, pedals and dozens of buttons. See gaming keyboard, video game console, joystick and Kinect.

Full Cockpit Controls
Capcom's Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox puts the gamer inside a futuristic robotic war machine. It uses joysticks, levers, dials and more than 40 buttons to simulate the cockpit of the "Vertical Tank." (Image courtesy of Capcom Entertainment.)

The Gamepad
Also called "joypads" and "control pads," a gamepad is held in the hands and operated with both thumbs such as this wireless unit from Sony for its PlayStation3. Direction buttons, or a directional paddle, are typically on the left side with the action buttons on the right. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Flight Simulator Controller
Perhaps the most elaborate game controller ever, high-end gaming PC maker MAINGEAR introduced a cockpit controller for diehard enthusiasts in 2012. With the monitor placed on top of the controller, you are flying the plane! For more information, visit
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With a game controller, you can play a game on the big screen without looking at the iPhone.
The invention's unique design brings an unprecedented functionality and look to a standard video game controller.
The CSRB534x series integrates much of the game controller system, enabling cost effective designs and fast time to market for developers.
First to be introduced are a game controller kit and a magnetometer kit.
Someone finally got smart though and found a sleek and discreet way to provide an iPhone keyboard and game controller while not bulking up the device.
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We are sharing these professional racing technologies and precision control processes, such as heel/toe drifting, and integrating into our game controller.
The new Canadarm 2 can move around the International Space Station (ISS) like an inchworm and is controlled by a device that is comparable to a game controller.
In addition, Gates showed the custom Xbox game controller, which will come with every Xbox in Japan.
0 tablet with an attachable video game controller, announces its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 10-13th (Booth 14832, Central Hall).
A lot of iPad games haveAaAeAeA game controller support, and Gamevice is o of the best ways to take advantage.
8226; The iOS app recommends game controller compatible games to users providing a service that Phonejoy's competitors ignore.