Gamma-Ray Source

gamma-ray source

[′gam·ə ‚rā ‚sȯrs]
A quantity of radioactive material that emits gamma radiation and is in a form convenient for radiology.
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Gamma-Ray Source


(medicine), or radium (cobalt) “gun,” an apparatus for remote gamma therapy, mainly for malignant tumors. The gamma-ray source uses a directed beam of gamma rays with variable cross section. The device is equipped with a shielding container (head) made of lead, tungsten, or uranium, which holds the radiation source (usually 60Co, less frequently 137Cs; radium was formerly used). A port in the head, equipped with a diaphragm, makes it possible to produce an exposure field of the required shape and size and to cut off the radiation beam when the source is not operating.

There are long-focus and short-focus types of gamma-ray source. The short-focus type, in which the distance from the source to the patient’s skin is less than 25 cm, is intended for the irradiation of tumors no deeper than 3-4 cm and usually uses sources with an activity of up to 100 curies. The long-focus type, in which the distance between source and skin is 70-100 cm, is used to irradiate deep-lying tumors. The radiation source in this type is usually 60Co with an activity of several thousand curies; they create the necessary dosage distribution. A distinction is made between long-focus gamma-ray sources for stationary and moving irradiation; in the latter the radiation source can either rotate around one axis, making a complete turn or oscillating over a specified angle (rotary sources), or it can rotate simultaneously about three mutually perpendicular axes, describing a spherical surface (rotary-convergent sources). With moving irradiation the dosage absorbed is concentrated at the focus that requires therapy, while avoiding injury to healthy tissues.

Gamma-ray sources are installed in rooms whose walls are made of special materials that protect surrounding areas from the gamma radiation.


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During a flare in 1991 detected by the EGRET instrument on NASA's then recently launched Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO), which operated until 2000, the galaxy set the record for the most distant and luminous gamma-ray source known at the time.
Moreover in Figure 6 the bottom line of [phi] is obtained for the 4 mm collimator inserted in the exit of the gamma-ray source. The choice of this collimator size is due to the fact that it can access a larger volume of water.
It is placed in its entirety on a set of shock absorbers," said Mihnea Costoiu, delegate minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Technologic Development, quoted by Mediafax.The European Commission has funded the second ELI pillar, located in Magurele, Romania, which is focused on laser-based nuclear physics, with nearly EUR 356 million.The Magurele facility will host two machines of extreme performances: a very high intensity laser where beams from two 10 PW lasers are coherently added, and a very intense gamma-ray source, by coupling a high-energy particle accelerator to a high-power laser.The facility will have two isolated wings, one for the lasers, of 4,406 square meters and one for the gamma rays, with a surface of 6,604 square meters.
(11) exposed PC to gamma-ray source accumulated to 340 kGy and realized that the gamma-ray irradiation did not modify significantly the strength of PC due to the increase in the [beta] transition temperature.
Since gamma rays interact with these materials, characterizing the materials improves the accuracy with which the gamma-ray spectrum as read by a detector can be linked back to the gamma-ray source. Arriving at a solution consistent with all the data increases confidence in the result.
The single-moisture density meter used in this study was a Campbell Pacific Nuclear (CPN) model MC3, having at the tip of the probe a 3.7 [10.sup.8] Bq (10 mCi) [sup.137]Cs gamma-ray source and in its body (Fig.
Both the gamma-ray source and the detector ride a mechanical arm that moves across the area to be checked.
Even a well-localized gamma-ray source might have a position anywhere in a patch of sky the size of the full Moon.
"For most of Fermi's four years in orbit, its LAT saw the sun as a faint, steady gamma-ray source thanks to the impacts of high-speed particles called cosmic rays.
Maryland (US), Dec.10 (ANI): Unprecedented flares from the blazar 3C 454.3 in the constellation Pegasus now make it the brightest persistent gamma-ray source in the sky.
Schoenfelder adds that the image indicates that an intense gamma-ray source lies about one degree away from the Milky Way's center.