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Gamow, George

(găm`ŏf), 1904–68, Russian-American theoretical physicist and author, b. Odessa. A nuclear physicist, Gamow is better known to the public for his excellent books popularizing abstract physical theories. He did his earlier research at the universities of Copenhagen, Cambridge, and Leningrad, where he was professor (1931–33). He then came to the United States, where he taught at George Washington Univ. (1934–56) and the Univ. of Colorado (from 1956) and served with U.S. government agencies. He formulated (1928) a theory of radioactive decay and worked on the application of nuclear physics to problems of stellar evolution. He was one of the first proponents of the "big bang" theory of cosmologycosmology,
area of science that aims at a comprehensive theory of the structure and evolution of the entire physical universe. Modern Cosmological Theories
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. In 1954 he proposed an important theory concerning the organization of genetic information in the living cell. His writings include Constitution of Atomic Nuclei (1931; 3d ed., with C. L. Critchfield, Theory of Atomic Nucleus, 1949), Mr. Tompkins in Wonderland (1939), One, Two, Three … Infinity (1947, rev. ed. 1961), The Creation of the Universe (1952, rev. ed. 1961), Mr. Tompkins Learns the Facts of Life (1953), The Atom and Its Nucleus (1961), and Gravity (1962).


See his autobiography, My World Line (1970).

Gamow, George

(1904–68) physicist; born in Odessa, Russia. His European research on radioactivity and atomic fission gained him an international reputation that preceded his arrival at George Washington University (1934–56). He and Edward Teller formulated their rule for beta decay in 1936. He postulated that primordial matter existed prior to the origin of the universe (1948), he developed the theory of red giant stars, and he was a major proponent of the "big bang" theory of the origin of the universe. He correctly theorized that DNA structure forms a code that directs protein synthesis. He became a professor at Colorado (1956–68), where he wrote and illustrated most of his many books for nonscientists.
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La propuesta metodologica incluye: i)--La lectura y discusion entre docentes y alumnos del cuento "El demonio de Maxwell" de Gamow, durante una hora de las asignadas para las clases practicas, despues de haber introducido los temas conceptuales de la termodinamica en las clases de teoria; ii) la realizacion por parte de los alumnos de una guia de actividades, dividida en dos fases, con objetivos diferentes; y iii) el debate entre docentes y alumnos, de la vinculacion entre la guia de actividades con los ejercicios y problemas incluidos en la practica tradicional de la asignatura.
In a subsequent publication by Chandrasekhar, Gamow, and Tuve, the results of the Washington conference were issued in Nature, in which Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker's so-called "Aufbauhypothese" was presented.
Esta prediccion fue realizada en el ano 1948 por el astrofisico George Gamow y fue olvidada rapidamente.
The 3 K primordial microwave radiation, predicted by George Gamow using quantum physics, has been discovered and accurately measured recently.
He would like the reader to think that this memoir is about the lasting friendships he forged with fellow physicists such as John von Neumann, Ernest Lawrence, George Gamow, Werner Heisenberg, Eugene Wigner, and many other likeminded scientists.
Esta descripcion, grosso modo, fue realizada por Ralph Alpher en su tesis doctoral, dirigida por George Gamow, en 1948, epoca en que era inconcebible que alguien desafiase lo dicho por el Genesis, menos todavia que un aspirante a doctor hiciera esas lucubraciones.
Even earlier, in 1948, theorists George Gamow, Ralph Alpher, and Robert Herman had calculated that the photon flux left over from the big bang should be about 5 [degrees] K.
Se dice que Bethe no contribuyo realmente con la elaboracion del trabajo y que fue Gamow quien le solicito la inclusion de su nombre para lograr la combinacion 'alfa-beta-gama'.
19) They were working on a suggestion, made by George Gamow (once a student of Alexander Friedmann), that the early universe should have been very hot and dense, glowing white hot.
and building on the ideas of George Gamow - offered an elaboration of some of the Big Bang ideas that had been around since well before 1920.
In 1929 the Russian-born American physicist George Gamow (1904-1968) suggested that the nuclear source was the conversion of hydrogen nuclei into helium nuclie, since these two elements made up nearly all the Sun, as Russell had shown (see above).
Why does Gamow end with sugar-eating bacteria rather than with snails or sugar crystals?