Ganizade, Sultan Medzhid Murtaza-Ali Ogly

Ganizade, Sultan Medzhid Murtaza-Ali Ogly


Born 1866, in Shemakha; died in 1937. Azerbaijani author and educator.

Born into the family of a merchant, Ganizade graduated from the Aleksandriiskii Institute in Tbilisi in 1887. He worked as a teacher. He is the author of the novel Letters of Sheidabek Shirvani (1898-1900), the novella Fear of God (1906), and other works in which he portrayed the hard life of the people and criticized social injustice and ignorance. He translated Russian, Georgian, and Armenian classics into Azerbaijani and compiled the Russian-Tatar Dictionary (1902) and the Azerbaijani Phraseological Dictionary (1904).


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