Gannett Peak

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Gannett Peak,

Wyo.: see Wind River RangeWind River Range,
part of the Rocky Mts., W Wyo., running southeastward c.120 mi (190 km) and constituting part of the Continental Divide. Gannett Peak (13,804 ft/4,207 m) is the highest point in Wyoming. A number of historic passes cross these mountains. South Pass (alt. c.
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The Gannett Peak expedition team is led by two of America's best-known mountaineers, Jeff Evans and Charley Mace.
The veterans making up the Gannett Peak expedition team include:
Most were accessible by automobile or by 2- to 5-mile hikes, he said, but five required assistance from guides, including Gannett Peak, Mount McKinley in Alaska (20,320 feet), Mount Rainier in Washington (14,411), Granite Peak in Montana (12,799 feet), and Mount Hood in Oregon (11,239 feet).
The expedition to Gannett Peak occurs September 4 -- 14, and the warriors include:
To learn more about the 13 team members of the 2015 Wells Fargo-sponsored Gannett Peak expedition, visit WarriorstoSummits.
This year's Warriors to Summits expedition will be to Gannett Peak, the apex of the entire Central Rockies; at 13,804 feet it is located in Wyoming between Fremont and Sublette Counties along the Continental Divide.
To apply to be one of 14 team members for the Gannett Peak expedition or find media and supporter information for the 2015 Wells Fargo-sponsored Warriors to Summits expedition, visit WarriorsToSummits.