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Ganymed is asteroid 1,036 (the 1,036th asteroid to be discovered, on October 23, 1924). It is approximately 40 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.3 years. It was named after the youth who was kidnapped to become the cupbearer of Zeus. Jacob Schwartz gives the astrological significance of this asteroid as “beautiful and attractive to both genders, the mortal becoming divine by surrendering to the divine.” According to J. Lee Lehman, “the asteroid Ganymed shows how we are able to submit ourselves to that which is beyond our personal power. In negative form, it is the way we evade even the awareness that there is anything beyond our own powers.”


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They believe Ganymed could generate a dust cloud large enough to block out 6.58 per cent of solar radiation reaching earth, more than enough to combat any current levels of global warming.
Ganymed (not to be confused with Jupiter's third satellite, Ganymede) was discovered by W.
When Wieland complained to Gleim about the breach of decorum in these poems, Gleim defended the young writer by saying that Wieland himself had written a story--'Juno and Ganymed'--that was the first to introduce German men to 'Greek love' and gave them the idea of keeping their own Ganymedes.8 The notion of men with young sodomitic partners in provincial German towns of the eighteenth century seems almost inconceivable; there is no evidence for it other than this letter.
Ganymed has several oncology pipeline assets in preclinical and clinical stages including IMAB362.
Japan-based Astellas Pharma has agreed to acquire Germany-based Ganymed Pharmaceuticals, it was reported yesterday.
The largest known NEA is (1036) Ganymed, a 31.7 km diameter asteroid with an orbital period of 4.34 years.
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It was as though I were Ganymed and had ascended through my clouds of doubt into a vocal Elysium.
Chapter 7 provides an in-depth comparison of Wolf's and Schubert's settings of "Ganymed" before turning to an illuminating discussion of Wolf's pentameter settings in the Italienisches Liederbuch.
He also looks at poems that touch, often uncomfortably, on the coexistence of pain and love, such as 'Heidenroslein', 'Das Veilchen', Gretchen's song 'Der Konig in Thule', and 'Ganymed'.
M2 PHARMA-October 28, 2016-Astellas to pay EUR422m for 100% equity in Ganymed Pharmaceuticals