Ganzen, Petr

Ganzen, Petr Gotfridovich


(also Peter Hansen). Born Oct. 12 (24), 1846, in Copenhagen; died there Dec. 23, 1930. Danish-Russian writer and translator.

In 1871, Ganzen left Denmark and went to Russia, where he worked in Siberia until 1881, when he began working in St. Petersburg. He carried on friendly correspondence with I. A. Goncharov and L. N. Tolstoy and translated their works into Danish. In 1888 he married A. V. Vasil’eva (1869-1942), and together they translated the works of H. C. Andersen, H. Ibsen, K. Hamsun, and S. Kierkegaard into Russian. In 1917, Ganzen moved to Denmark.


Literaturnyi arkhiv: Materialy po istorii literatury i obshchestvennogo dvizheniia, vol. 6. Moscow-Leningrad, 1961. Pages 37-105.