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(kä'ōlēăng`): see sorghumsorghum,
tall, coarse annual (Sorghum vulgare) of the family Poaceae (grass family), somewhat similar in appearance to corn (but having the grain in a panicle rather than an ear) and used for much the same purposes.
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(Sorghum nervosum), a species of annual plant of the cereal family, noted for its fast ripening and drought resistance. It is cultivated in China, Korea, and Japan; in the USSR it is grown in the Far East, the Northern Caucasus, and the south of the Ukraine. Kaoliang grain is processed into groats, flour, and alcohol and used as cattle forage. Its straw is used to make mats and other wicker products. Kaoliang is a member of the sorghum genus of grasses.

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16) Poet Zhang Zhimin reminded his readers of the horrifying demands, "Make wet rice, wheat, and yellow corn grow on top of the mountain;/And beans, peanuts, and red gaoliang (sorghum) rise on sheer rocks.
Among other early examples like Laojing (Old Well) (1987), Haizi wang (King of the Children) (1987), and Hong Gaoliang (Red Sorghum) (1987), the co-production Huang tudi (Yellow Earth) (1984) by Chen Kaige as director-actor and Zhang Yimou as cinematographer reflects a new approach to art as critical intervention into the nation's grand narratives that previously had been built on an ideological agenda without much, if any, interest in the particular local realities.