Garbage Chute

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Garbage Chute


a device in high-rise buildings (mainly apartment houses) for removing garbage. The most common type is the “dry” garbage chute, which consists of a shaft with a ventilation pipe (the upper part of the shaft), loading hatches, and a receiving area (with cans or containers). The shaft, which is usually made from asbestos-cement pipes 400 mm in diameter, should be vertical and have a smooth inner surface and soundinsulating casing. The loading hatches (on the feeders of the chute) are located in stairwells or apartment kitchens. The receiving area is located beneath the chute on the ground floor or in the basement of the building; it should be at least 2.5 m high, 1.5 m wide, and 2.5 m long, to provide space for garbage cans. The possibility of connecting the chute to a vacuum-pneumatic garbage removal system is promising.

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refuse chute

A means of transporting waste materials by chute, from the point of disposal in high-rise residential (or office building) to a refuse collection room at the base of the chute. See also gravity-type refuse chute.
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So crews opened up a concealed space between the garbage chute and the wall and found flames there.
Each floor had a room with a garbage chute. But there were many times when I would open the door to the garbage room to find trash dumped on the floor, right next to the garbage chute.
She said: "For quite some time I had been seeing that residents in our building throw all waste -- kitchen waste, newspapers and magazines -- as general waste in the garbage chute.
References to "A New Hope" after a supposed 30-year gap are too forced, with Han proposing they throw Gwendoline Christie's "Captain Phasma," the movie's coolest-looking character, down a garbage chute and into a trash compactor.
The closed-circuit television footage showed that a Chinese woman from Unit 1116 had thrown the bag into the garbage chute. The security then reported the incident to the police.
Each unit has a multi-zone HVAC system, a garbage chute that can be adjusted to dispose of waste and recyclable material.
The team then wanted to know how the disease was able to cross over from rats into a human and believe the man caught the disease from rats infesting a garbage chute near his home.
On April 23, a Filipina housemaid was arrested for trying to kill her newborn baby by throwing him in the garbage chute on the ninth floor of a building in Sharjah.
Entry is through keyed elevator, and apartments have walnut radiant heated floors, central air, Bosch washer/ dryer, storage bin, and separate garbage chute
A housemaid accused of strangling her newborn baby before dumping her body down a garbage chute insists that the infant was dead when it was born.
Based on initial investigation, Sevilla said the fire originated at the garbage chute located at the 12th floor of the condominium building.