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a genus of evergreen trees and shrubs of the Guttiferae family, previously attributed to the family Hypericaceae.

The leaves of Garcinia are large, oblong or oval, and coriaceous. The flowers are small and either solitary or gathered into small inflorescences. The fruits are globose, the size of an apple or cherry, with a thick rind outside and juicy septate flesh within. There are about 220 species, primarily in tropical Asia and Africa. The fruits of several species of Garcinia, such as the mangosteen, are edible. A number of Asiatic species yield gamboge, a gum resin. Kokum butter, used in food and in the preparation of colors, is obtained from the seeds of G. indica. Several species of Garcinia yield valuable wood.


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In recent months, garcinia cambogia has been heavily criticized not only because of its fake ads but also due to reports that the supplement doesn't work for weight loss.
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