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What does it mean when you dream about a gardener?

The caretaker of a garden could symbolize a spiritual protector, a guardian angel, “spirit guide,” or God. If the dreamer is the gardener, then one’s own higher self is tending to their needs.

References in classic literature ?
Gardener, she always has this piano tuned up before I come.
Of course," said the gardener, "but that does not make it the less unpleasant.
He began gathering the grape-leaves which screened the sun from the grapes, and won the heart of the gardener.
In fact every gardener or gardener's lad had been witched away.
Rumors of the new and curious things which were occurring in the invalid's apartments had of course filtered through the servants' hall into the stable yards and out among the gardeners, but notwithstanding this, Mr.
the Gardener muttered, taking a key from his pocket, and beginning to unlock a door in the garden-wall.
In due course of time the gardener returned, and said that he had driven round by Mr.
Having delivered his message the gardener was about to withdraw, but I stopped him to request that he would come back before dark, and sit up that night, in one of the empty bedrooms, so as to be within call in case I wanted him.
On the first occasion she told me the poison was wanted by the gardener for use in the conservatories.
My wife was the person who gave orders to the gardener and cook--not I.
He had seen her before either I or the gardener had seen her, though we knew which way to look, and he didn't.
and the three gardeners instantly threw themselves flat upon their faces.