Gardiner's Island

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Gardiner's Island,

c.3,000 acres (1,210 hectares), in Gardiners Bay between the two flukelike peninsulas of E Long Island, SE N.Y. It was settled by colonist Lion GardinerGardiner, Lion,
1599–1663, English colonist in America. Under contract with patentees of Connecticut, Gardiner designed and erected (1635–36) the blockhouse at Saybrook, which he defended in the Pequot War (1636–37).
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 in 1639 as the first permanent English settlement in New York state and has been owned since by his descendants.
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The LaGuardia Community College Foundation has received $225,000 from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation to fund the Robert Gardiner-Joseph Shenker Scholars Program, named in honor of the late Robert David Lion Gardiner, a former Wall Street executive and heir to Long Islands Gardiners Island and the late Joseph Shenker, the first president of LaGuardia Community College.
The boxy bayside residence sits privately at the end of a discreet, tree-lined lane with open views across the glimmering Napeague Bay to the southern tip of Gardiners Island.
Later, the Gardiner family -- of East End, Gardiners Island fame -- owned the house, and the estate became a popular spot for the city's social elite in the Gatsby era.
What everyone now knows is that the two men did in fact have a major brawl on peaceful Gardiners Island that included a hammer and blood, that's in the film, and that this infamous ending was shot by the film crew a day after the official filming was completed.
Originally displayed in the FAO Schwartz toy store in New York before World War I, the record-setting train set was bought originally for the children of the rich and powerful Gardiner family (they hailed from what is now Gardiners Island, a part of Long Island, which gives an indication of how rich they were).