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Gareth, 36, has stopped a suicidal woman leaping to her death, revived a heart attack victim and pulled two drowning people from a river.
Gareth has been scouring the country to find Britain's most entertaining, undiscovered, amateur choir in this latest singing contest.
Expert boatman Gareth and recently-married Daniel, who sold lobsters and crabs to local markets, set out in stormy waters.
But Coleman insisted: "Whatever may be happening elsewhere, Gareth is the kind of player who can link up with Wales and deliver a world-class performance.
Gareth Rhys Owen "Mae Gareth Roberts wedi arwain y gad o ran darlledu yng Nghymru dros y ddegawd ddiwethaf.
Diver Gareth was on an elephant trek with his 16-year-old stepdaughter Eilidh Hughes when the animal turned on him.
Gareth explained to WFAA that everything was normal until they heard the sound of glass shattering.
He mentioned that Gareth is a practical person and his main goal is to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.
examination of Gareth and Lynette reveals how, according to this
Gareth Earnshaw, 29, is cycling from Rome to Leeds with his pal Joe Redhead.
GARETH BALE'S mum will retire next week after pocketing a tidy sum of PS1million from his world record transfer to Real Madrid.
Gareth Hook was born and bred in Zimbabwe, he grew up on the family farm in Mutorashanga, 100km north of Harare.