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(Germsir, Germezir, Deshtestan), a strip of coastal desert approximately 80 km wide, along the shores of the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz in Iran and Pakistan.

Garmsir is an inclined, proluvial plain, which turns into a seaside lowland that in places is marshy. The coastal strip is formed by several rows of sandy hills, which divide the strip into narrow valleys. The climate is tropical. The average temperature in January in the city of Jask is 19.4° C; in July it is 32.5° C. Precipitation is approximately 120 mm a year, with most of it occurring in the winter. The soil is primitive desert and, in places, solonchak. The vegetation (acacia, Prosopis, etc.) is mainly of a desert type and is more luxuriant along the river valleys. An abundant ephemeral grass cover develops in winter. Groves of date palm grow near settlements, and there are mangrove thickets in places along the coast. Cattle are pastured in the area.


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During a posting to Garmsir, the southernmost part of the province under allied control, he was able to work within sight of enemy positions - just 500m from the Taleban frontline trenches.
He was involved in a military operation against Taliban forces when there was an explosion on the outskirts of Garmsir, in Southern Helmand.
Guardsman Simon Davison was killed by small arms fire while manning a checkpoint near the town of Garmsir in the dangerous Helmand Province.
Eddie Cain, 25, from Dumbarton, was on patrol in the flashpoint village of Garmsir in Helmand, Afghanistan, on Christmas Eve when insurgents began a surprise attack.
The Nato patrol vehicle is thought to have hit a mine to the south of the town of Garmsir, causing it to crash.
Both men, from the Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters), died in the early hours of Saturday after their patrol was ambushed by the Taliban near Garmsir in the lawless Helmand province.
The MoD said the soldiers were taking part in a "pre-planned operation" to disrupt the Taliban south of Garmsir when they were attacked.
He was fighting on the outskirts of the town of Garmsir, in southern Helmand province, when tragedy struck a week ago.
Marine Eddie Cain, 25, from Dumbarton, was on patrol in the flashpoint village of Garmsir in southern Helmand, Afghanistan, on Christmas Eve when insurgents launched a surprise attack.
Lance Bombardier James Dwyer, 22, of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, was part of a reconnaissance mission in the desert in Garmsir in the southern province of Helmand when the blast happened on Wednesday.
An MoD spokeswoman said: "Afghan and UK forces launched an operation on the outskirts of the village of Garmsir.
He died and four others were hurt when their patrol was attacked in the town of Garmsir, Helmand Province, early on Saturday.