Garstang, John

Garstang, John,

1876–1956, English archaeologist. He served as W. M. Flinders PetriePetrie, Sir William Matthew Flinders
, 1853–1942, English archaeologist, a noted Egyptologist. He excavated ancient remains in Britain (1875–80), Egypt (1880–1924), and Palestine (1927–38) and was (1892–1933) professor of Egyptology at University
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's field assistant in Egypt in 1899 and was professor of archaeology at the Univ. of Liverpool from 1907 to 1941, when he became professor emeritus. He conducted archaeological excavations at Jericho in Palestine and at Sakje-Geuzu and Mersin in Anatolia. Garstang was director of the British School of Archaeology at Jerusalem (1919–26) and, after 1947, at Ankara. Among his writings are Meroë, the City of the Ethiopians (1911), The Hittite Empire (1929), Foundations of Bible History: Joshua, Judges (1931), and Prehistoric Mersin (1950).
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