Gas Oil

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gas oil

[′gas ‚ȯil]
A petroleum distillate boiling within the general range 450-800°F (232-426°C); usually includes kerosine, diesel fuel, heating oils, and light fuel oils.
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Gas Oil


fractions of petroleum that evaporate by boiling in the 200°-400° C range and, during petroleum distillation, occupy an intermediate position between kerosine and light industrial oils. Gas oil is used primarily as diesel fuel, raw material for catalytic cracking, and so on. Gas oil is not produced as a commercial product with precisely standardized constants.

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'Other market participants also pointed to stronger gas oil prices seen this week as a reflection of a still robust market,' the source added.
(PMS), 1.02 billion litres of automotive gas oil (AGO), 168.42 million litres of household kerosene (HHK), 189.21 million litres of aviation turbine kerosene (ATK) and 125.43 million of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) were distributed nationwide during the period under review.
There is a ban in Kazakhstan on the export of some products such as light distillates and products, kerosene, gas oil as well as other petroleum products.
Egypt has been forced to issue regular gas oil tenders to fill in for disruptions to supply caused by a series of attacks on a natural gas pipeline that runs from Egypt to Israel.
At present, Iran's gasoline and gas oil production capacities hit around 50 million liters and 100 million liters per day respectively.
"The significant 40 percent increase in payments primarily pertains to two reasons: (a) higher international oil prices associated with the 2011 payments and (b) higher volumes of gas oil over the period under consideration," the statement added.
The 228m tanker, with its cargo of Vacum Gas Oil, was expected in Belfast Port last night for inspections of the hull before repairs are carried out.
Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami crippled its refining industry, raising expectations the country will have to import more diesel, gas oil and fuel oil.
Low-sulfur marine gas oils are expected to have less impact on the environment because they result in fewer SOx emissions.
S audi Aramco has concluded supply deals to purchase up to 7.14 million barrels of gas oil for delivery in 2010 from private trading firms and international oil companies, industry sources have revealed.
The volume of gas oil and jet fuel stored on ships at sea has risen by about 10 million barrels since mid-June, and is now enough to meet about 85 per cent of the world's daily oil demand.