Gas Oil

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gas oil

[′gas ‚ȯil]
A petroleum distillate boiling within the general range 450-800°F (232-426°C); usually includes kerosine, diesel fuel, heating oils, and light fuel oils.

Gas Oil


fractions of petroleum that evaporate by boiling in the 200°-400° C range and, during petroleum distillation, occupy an intermediate position between kerosine and light industrial oils. Gas oil is used primarily as diesel fuel, raw material for catalytic cracking, and so on. Gas oil is not produced as a commercial product with precisely standardized constants.

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Endofa Energy uses two, double-hull tankers fully equipped with fenders and hoses to deliver its physical supply of gas oil.
Regional demand for gas oil, which can also be used to generate power, has jumped as Jordan and Israel have also been forced to stock up on the fuel in anticipation of further attacks.
Project scope The scope of the project includes the installation of low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO), FG and gas oil pipelines.
Commenting on this step, the president of the Oil Importing Companies Maroun Chammas told the paper that Bassil's measure is a good idea but stressed that it would have been better if the minister had removed this consumer tax on both red and green gas oil.
He pegged premiums for low-sulphur gas oil, also known as 500 ppm, at over $4 a barrel, up from last week's $4.
Blending Yunic 700LS into low-sulfur, low-lubricity marine gas oils was confirmed through an HFRR test, as well as actual machine tests conducted by fuel-pump makers, to improve lubricity by about 30 percent.
About 72 million barrels of gas oil and jet fuel are stored in tankers mostly off Europe's coast, up from around 62 million barrels seen in June, shipbrokers and traders said on Tuesday.
Nippon Oil raised gasoline and gas oil prices for four straight months starting in February before cutting them by 1.
light gas oil emits 30% fewer particulate substances than regular gas oil.
The liquid products are fractionated into naphtha, light gas oil (LGO), and heavy gas oil (HGO).
The Exchange had been exploring the possibility to reopen the gas oil futures contract, but finally reached its decision following the Government Tax Commission's announcement on December 22 on its policy towards a large tax revision package for the fiscal year 2010.
Contract notice: delivery of diesel and gas oil "extra" from 01/07/2015 to 30/06/2018.