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The gas refrigerator worked on the absorption principle using a heat source to provide energy needed to drive the cooling process.
"It works on the principle of a gas refrigerator, using heat to expand gas," Gordon says.
* If you smell an odor from your gas refrigerator have an expert service it.
This gas, known as " biogas can also replace fossil-based natural gas to fuel an engine or an absorption cooling system, such as a gas refrigerator or chiller.
If you don't have a gas refrigerator, you are probably wondering what these are.
Even during our first six weeks in our home here while we waited for the arrival of the gas refrigerator, we had an ice chest that we replenished with cubes on a daily basis.
ABSORPTION REFRIGERATORS, also known as gas refrigerators, LP gas fridges or propane gas fridges, are fridges that use LP gas to keep food cold.