Gas Metal Arc Welding

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Welding, Gas Metal Arc


a type of arc welding in which protective gases are fed to the weld zone in order to prevent air from acting on the weld. Gas shielding provides a stable arc, improves the conditions for forming a weld, and improves the quality of the weld itself.

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The standards cover the following areas: (1) Safety; (2) Measurement and Layout; (3) Metallurgy; (4) Tools and Machines; (5) Oxy-Fuel Welding/Cutting; (6) Shielded Metal Arc Welding; (7) Gas Metal Arc Welding; (8) Flux Core Arc Welding; (9) Gas Tungsten Arc Welding; (10) Plasma Arc Cutting; (11) Fabrication; (12) Weld Testing; (13) Employability Skills.
Pulsed gas metal arc welding (GMAW-P, or pulsed MIG) increases production rate, significantly reduces spatter, and improves bead appearance in a variety of applications.
It has a widespread use in arc welding processes, such as gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and gas metal arc welding. They are necessary to prevent arc eye, a painful condition where the cornea is inflamed.
Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) process is a gas metal arc welding, where continuous flux-cored wires are utilized.
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