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On the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula sits the town of Perce and its famed rock--a cliff detached from the mainland, 438 metres long and 100 metres high.
Take the first track, for example, "Metis-Sur-Mer," which is on the Gaspe Peninsula where Ingram has summered.
But the alumina was trapped in Gaspe Peninsula clay: local industry had yet to figure out how to extract it.
This year's plans include several visits to The Hanover Theater, Newport Playhouse, and Colonial Theater as well as trips to the Gaspe Peninsula, Azores, Belgium, Costa Rica, Gettysburg, Panama, Tuscany, Cooperstown, Atlantic City and other destinations.
The Company has signed an option agreement with the property owner, Bertrand Brassard to acquire 100 per cent interest in the copper project located in the Gaspe Peninsula in the Province of Quebec.
The bulk of leases are located on the Gaspe Peninsula and Anticosti Island.
Most of the mining was done by a few sappers from Timmins, Ontario, who were used to hard rock mining, and some francophones from the Gaspe Peninsula. A precondition to joining the committee was knowledge of a foreign language.
Their research took them to 35 sites around the globe, including Port-au-port, Newfoundland, the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec, the Channel Islands off the coast of France and Death Valley in California.
Scientists more in the environmental than the chemical sciences report their research or review the literature on such matters as genetic ecotoxicology, modelling lead accumulation in the forest soils of Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula, the antioxidant response of farmed Oncorhynchus mykiss affected by proliferative kidney disease, the role of chronic toxicity evaluation of effluents in river basin management, and recent amphibian and reptile ecotoxicological research.
Quebec-based Petrolia Corporation (Petrolia) (TSX-V: PEA), a company engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas properties in Canada, has announced its commitment to the drilling phase of two wells on its interest in the Gaspe Peninsula.
According to Wikipedia, Perce 'pierced' Rock, a major tourist attraction off the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, is one of the largest and most spectacular natural arches in the world.