Gaston Doumergue

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Doumergue, Gaston


Born Aug. 1, 1863, in Aigues-Vives; died there June 18, 1937. French statesman; Radical Socialist.

Doumergue received a legal education. He first entered the government in 1902 and served repeatedly as a minister. He was minister of colonies from 1902 to 1905, minister of commerce from 1906 to 1908, and minister of foreign affairs during World War I. In February 1917 he came to Petrograd as head of the French mission and insisted that the tsarist government continue the war. Doumergue was elected president of the Senate in 1923. He was president of France from 1924 to 1931. After the failure of the fascist putsch of Feb. 6, 1934, Doumergue formed a government of “national unity.” This government, which existed from February to November 1934, made an unsuccessful attempt to increase the authority of the executive branch by a reactionary constitutional reform. Doumergue became a member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences in 1934.

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[beaucoup moins que]Nos promesses ne sont, en fin de compte, que des complaisances, mais les electeurs considerent nos complaisances comme des obligations ![beaucoup plus grand que], disait Gaston Doumergue, le president francais du siecle precedent, face a un peuple, encore en proie de la candeur.
1913 - Gaston Doumergue becomes Prime Minister of France.
In 1934, French Prime Minister Gaston Doumergue made cuts in public sector wages and pensions.
In cadrul vizitei din Franta, Mitilineu a fost primit, impreuna cu Diamandy, in audienta la presedintele republicii, Gaston Doumergue (1924-1931).