Gatling Gun

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Gatling gun

[′gat·liŋ ‚gən]
Type of machine gun using multibarrels which fire in rotation; it permits very rapid fire because it reduces the problem of overheating in a single barrel.

Gatling Gun


a multibarreled firearm mounted on a wheeled carriage or tripod and designed for rapid fire. The first Gatling gun, built by the American inventor R. Gatling in the 1860’s, had from six to ten barrels of 13 or 25.4 mm caliber and fired up to 200 rounds per minute. Many armies, including the Russian, used Gatling guns. The more refined Gatling gun designed by the French inventors J.-B. Verchére de Reffye and Montigny had 37 barrels and was called a mitrailleuse. In the 1880’s, Russian inventors, among them A. P. Gorlov, invented a still more refined gun that had from five to ten barrels and that fired standard rifle cartridges. In the late 19th century Gatling guns lost their value because shrapnel fired by artillery guns proved more effective. Further searches for the technological solution to the problem of rapid fire led to the construction of the machine gun.

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There are machine guns and Gatling guns chambered in larger calibres; however, in the close range, defensive engagement, the larger cartridge is not an advantage for several reasons.
The Mitrailleuse is a multi-barreled volley gun invented by Belgian Army Captain Fafschamps a decade before the advent of the Gatling gun.
Notable features include the largest display of Gatling guns and fine double rifles anywhere in the world; famous makers such as Boss, Holland and Holland, and Westley Richards; as well as guns owned by noted individuals, such as Annie Oakley, John Olin, John F.
But those auditioning to recreate the late Alphonse Capone will have to do without the once-obligatory Gatling Gun, we hear.
Then that incredible bombastic gatling gun drumming.
The AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed aircraft, with four cannons and a six-barrel Gatling gun capable of firing 1,800 rounds a minute.
62-mm Gatling gun (also called mini-gun) used to be 16,666 rounds per barrel or 100,000 rounds total for the gun's set of six barrels.
You couldn't keep them from a microphone with a Gatling gun if someone had ordered an extra box of paper clips.
Armament: AC-130H, 20 mm Vulcan cannons 40 mm Bofors cannon and 105 mm howitzer; AC-130U, 25 mm Gatling gun, 40 mm Bofors cannon and 105 mm cannon.
CIWS engaged the target, and its Gatling gun sheared the tow cable, sending the unguided, orange drone into the starboard side of the ship--just below the scupper.
In the film the Jaguar XKR is equipped with a Gatling gun centred behind the driver and passenger seats, missiles emerging from the front grille, concealed door-mounted rocket launchers and a trunk full of mortar bombs.