Gatling Gun

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Gatling gun

[′gat·liŋ ‚gən]
Type of machine gun using multibarrels which fire in rotation; it permits very rapid fire because it reduces the problem of overheating in a single barrel.
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Gatling Gun


a multibarreled firearm mounted on a wheeled carriage or tripod and designed for rapid fire. The first Gatling gun, built by the American inventor R. Gatling in the 1860’s, had from six to ten barrels of 13 or 25.4 mm caliber and fired up to 200 rounds per minute. Many armies, including the Russian, used Gatling guns. The more refined Gatling gun designed by the French inventors J.-B. Verchére de Reffye and Montigny had 37 barrels and was called a mitrailleuse. In the 1880’s, Russian inventors, among them A. P. Gorlov, invented a still more refined gun that had from five to ten barrels and that fired standard rifle cartridges. In the late 19th century Gatling guns lost their value because shrapnel fired by artillery guns proved more effective. Further searches for the technological solution to the problem of rapid fire led to the construction of the machine gun.

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What about deploying surface-to-air Stinger or Patriot missiles or Phalanx air-defense weapons (Phalanx is essentially a radar-guided 20- mm Gatling gun) at nuclear power plants to pick off incoming airborne threats?
11 terrorist attacks, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld fired off the differences with the staccato rumble of a Gatling gun: "It is a much more subtle, nuanced, difficult, shadowy set of problems."
The great late nine-teenth-century four-storey schools with their classrooms double banked along pitiless central corridors, Sherlock Holmes' 'lighthouses' of knowledge for the poor, still dominate the parts of the inner cityscape of London, Paris and Berlin: they are as much part of the struggle between the European powers as the dreadnought and the gatling gun.
The Gatling gun, designed by Richard Jordan Gatling, was given a patent.
After the search of the writer's home the District Attorney took an antique World War I Gatling gun (on the raid inventory it was described as a machine gun) to the U.S.
Before we left, he also showed me his next project, a .22 caliber Gatling gun. I plan on going back to see the final Hower .22 Gatling fun-gun and will report back after my visit.
Nicknamed the R2D2 for its resemblance to the famed Star Wars robot , it is a gatling gun (a large machine gun) designed " for defense against anti-ship missiles ," according to DoD Live-a U.S.
A rare Colt Model 1875 Gatling Gun and limber sold for an impressive $201,250 including premiums at the James D.
Currently the A-10 is the only CAS aircraft in service, meaning it can fly close to the ground and precisely take out enemy combatants with its high-powered Gatling gun that can fire up to 4,200 rounds per minute while avoiding civilian and friendly military casualties.
In general, a small calibre Gatling gun usually does not impart too much stress or vibration back into the airframe.