False Bardia. Date of birth unknown; died July 29, 522 B.C. Median magus (priest), who led a rebellion against Cambyses, King of Persia, on Mar. 11, 522 B.C.

Posing as Bardia (Smerdis), Cambyses’ brother, who had been secretly killed by Cambyses, Gaumata established himself on the throne and, attempting to win the countries conquered by the Persians to his side, freed them from all taxes and duties for three years. He died at the hands of conspirators led by Darius I.


Dandamaev, M. A. “Bekhistunskaia nadpis’ i antichnye avtory o Bardii-Gaumate.” Kratkie soobshcheniia In-ta narodov Azii, 1962, issue 46.


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May Gaumata give them the wisdom that cow protection is not possible without cow slaughter unless pushing the unproductive cows to the wilderness and the streets of New Delhi is the alternative.
Smerdis according to the oldest sources was a man named Gaumata who posed as the real Smerdis (Bardiya), younger son of Cyrus the Great, and was murdered by Darius weeks into his reign in 522 BCE.
Gaumata is generally regarded as an impostor who ruled over Persia and inclusive Babylon for less than a year before being ousted by Darius the Great.
Redefining the traditionally vanquished figure of Gaumata as Siddhartha Gautama is an ambitious task.
In this, Iranian nationalists may be inspired by the example of those early Iranians led by Darius the Great who, in the year 522 BC, successfully ousted the magi or Zoroastrian priests who had seized political power through their leader Gaumata.
Evil, as personified in Gaumata, is not in fact below Darius; Gaumata is on the same plane, only supine while Darius stands.
against those who under Gaumata would have reversed the existing order of society'.
47)DB 13: 'I with a few men, kamnaibis martiyaibis, slew that Gaumata the magus, and the men who were his foremost followers, fratama martiya ausiya'.
In fact, when the Bill was passed by the Assembly, former Congress Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda thought it necessary to hug his successor and present Chief Minister Manoharlal Khattar, who has been singularly engaged in protecting the interests of Gaumata.
A more sensible BJP leader said at that time that the foreign cows could not be treated as gaumata.
durante una ausencia guerrera de Cambises, un usurpador llamado Gaumata,
the attempts of modern authors to prove that Gaumata in reality was