Gauthiot, Robert

Gauthiot, Robert


Born 1876; died 1916. French linguist, pupil of A. Meillet.

Gauthiot worked in comparative Indo-European linguistics; he studied the Germanic, Baltic, and Finno-Ugric languages. He published works on general Iranian philology, which are valuable on the levels of comparative history and historical typology. He identified fourth century documents found close by Tunhuang (in the province of Kansu) as belonging to the Sogdian language. He prepared the first Sog-dian grammar and published a number of texts and studies on Sogdian. On a Middle Asian trip in 1913–14 he collected material on the living Iranian languages; he gave primary consideration to their comparative historical description.


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“De la réduction de la flexion nominale en iranien.” Ibid., 1916, vol. 20, fascicle 2.
“Notes sur le yazgoulami, dialecte iranien des confins du Varna.” Journal Asiatique, 1916, series 11, vol. 7, fascicle 2.


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