Gavin Casey

Casey, Gavin


Born Apr. 10, 1907, in Kalgoorlie; died June 25, 1964, in Perth. Australian writer and journalist.

In the 1930’s, Casey began to publish stories about the hard life of the miners in the goldfields of Western Australia. He is the author of the collections It’s Harder for Girls (1942) and Birds of a Feather (1943), the story “Down an Inclined Plane” (1945), and the novel City of Men (1950). Casey condemned racial discrimination in the novel Snowball (1958). The novel Amid the Plenty (1962) shows the tragedy of the unemployed in contemporary Australia. The hero of his novel The Man Whose Name Was Mud (1963) is the son of a bankrupt farmer.


In Russian translation:
“Govoriashchii zaboi.” In the collection 40 avstraliiskikh novell. Moscow, 1957.
“Isporchennyi chertezh: Tot den’ na Burykh ozerakh.” In the collection Avstraliiskie rasskazy. Moscow, 1958.


Rubin, VI. “Tragediia ‘abo.’ ” Inostrannaia literatura, 1960, no. 4.
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