Gavriil Dobrynin

Dobrynin, Gavriil Ivanovich


Born Mar. 20 (31), 1752, in the village of Radogozh, now Sevsk Raion, Briansk Oblast; died July 1824. Russian memoirist and author of biographical essays.

Dobrynin was a minor official who served in the Sevsk Ecclesiastical Consistory and court agencies. His essays are valuable historical sources, which cover the period from the 1750’s to the 1820’s. They vividly reproduce episodes from the life of clergymen, provincial landlords, and bureaucrats.


“Istinnoe povestvovanie ili zizn’ Gavriila Dobrynina, im samim napisannaia,” Rysskaia starina, 1871, February-October.
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(67) The term zakonoiskusniki is borrowed from Gavriil Dobrynin, Istinnoe povestvovanie ili zhizn' Gavriila Dolrrynina, im samim pisannaia v MogiLeve i Vitebske, 1752-1823 (St.