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We have been begging for bread from charitable organisations on a daily basis to feed patients admitted to Gaza hospitals.
IOF have repeatedly targeted Gaza fishermen and farmers.
Germany's support immediately following the 2014 conflict in Gaza was crucial to allow UNRWA to initiate its emergency shelter assistance program and provide much-needed humanitarian relief.
He described conditions in the Gaza Strip as "very bad".
Over the last year, GSG has progressed from providing technology entrepreneurship training and facilitating competitions, to bringing in the first private startup investment to Gaza and promoting women's leadership.
It is our aim to demonstrate our solidarity with the people of Gaza through supporting UNRWA to help them to rebuild their homes.
The first confirmed settlement of Gaza occurs at Tell as-Salcan, an Egyptian fortress that was located a little south of today's Gaza City.
Also, unlike 2009, this donors' meeting was held in the presence of a Palestinian Government of National Consensus (GNC), formed after Fatah and Hamas agreed on April 23 to end seven years of Palestinian political schism and reunite the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under a single authority.
Millions of participants on Sunday took part in a mammoth public march with the name of "Gaza Million March" from Baloch Colony to FTC at main Shahrah-e-Faisal in order to express solidarity with the people of Gaza.
The report prepared by Shelter Cluster said, about 17,000 Gaza housing units have been destroyed or severely damaged during the war and 5,000 units are still in need of work after the damage sustained in the previous military campaigns.
However, Hamas militants refused to accept a truce unless Israeli troops retreated from Gaza and allowed the displaced to return home.
The strike on the Gaza City tower brought down most of the building, killing 11 people -- including six members of the same family -- and wounding 40, said Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra.