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a collective name for seven genera of ungulates similar in appearance and size (of the 15 genera which compose the subfamily of true antelopes, Antilopinae). The representatives of the eight remaining genera are called pygmy antelopes. Gazelles are small animals with a light, slender build and lyrate horns. The gazelles comprise 19 species, which are widely distributed over the desert and steppe regions of North and East Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, and northwest India. They are polygamous animals living in herds of up to several hundred individuals. They feed on grassy vegetation. Gazelles are known for their great speed, and they frequently migrate over a wide area. The females annually bear one or two young. They are valuable for hunting and commercial purposes, and their flesh, skin, and horns are all utilized. Most species are sharply declining in number and need protection. Two species are found in the USSR, the Persian gazelle and the Mongolian gazelle.


Mlekopitaiushchie Sovetskogo Soiuza, vol. 1. Edited by V. G. Geptner and N. P. Naumov. Moscow, 1961.


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The Farasan Islands Gazelles are among the species given special protection by the Saudi Wildlife Authority.
Slightly in the north, we observed groups of gazelles in seven hamada and mountain localities near Bechar where their presence was regular from Kenadsa to Beni Ounif.
Created in 2010, the National Park of Jebel Serj has undergone significant work for a total cost of 14 million dinars, involving the construction of an ecological museum, the construction of a road connecting the village of Hmada to the park, as well as secondary roads and the installation of lighting with solar and wind energy, in addition to the construction of a shelter for gazelles.
The 2016 Gazelles will be celebrated on Wednesday, September 14 at noon at the Denver Startup Basecamp at 1515 Arapahoe, 1st Floor.
The mountain gazelles facing extinction were taken under protection in 2008 when they were noticed by a photographer.
They are accused of killing a gazelle and disposing of its body.
But the event is not only a driving marathon, it also offsets its carbon emissions and raises funds for the Coeur de Gazelles, a non-profit organisation that works on projects with the Moroccan government.
We have 37 sand gazelles, of which seven are in the enclosure and 30 are in the
The obtained results indicated that gazelles were exposed to heat stress during the summer season, based on the findings that calculated average temperature-humidity index (THI) prevailed during summer season surpass the THI threshold above which most animals enter a state of severe heat stress.
Costing Dh20, the sandwich is made from the meat of the Arabian mountain gazelle, which has been declared an endangered species.
A northern subspecies, the Mongalla gazelle (E t albonotata) ekes out an existence in Sudan and Ethiopia, on the Boma plateau and in the Jonglei canal area.
2012), comparably little is known about the ecophysiology of gazelles.