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a collective name for seven genera of ungulates similar in appearance and size (of the 15 genera which compose the subfamily of true antelopes, Antilopinae). The representatives of the eight remaining genera are called pygmy antelopes. Gazelles are small animals with a light, slender build and lyrate horns. The gazelles comprise 19 species, which are widely distributed over the desert and steppe regions of North and East Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, and northwest India. They are polygamous animals living in herds of up to several hundred individuals. They feed on grassy vegetation. Gazelles are known for their great speed, and they frequently migrate over a wide area. The females annually bear one or two young. They are valuable for hunting and commercial purposes, and their flesh, skin, and horns are all utilized. Most species are sharply declining in number and need protection. Two species are found in the USSR, the Persian gazelle and the Mongolian gazelle.


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Measures were stepped up to conserve the gazelle and they did indeed stop the decline in the population.
They are accused of killing a gazelle and disposing of its body.
But the event is not only a driving marathon, it also offsets its carbon emissions and raises funds for the Coeur de Gazelles, a non-profit organisation that works on projects with the Moroccan government.
We have 37 sand gazelles, of which seven are in the enclosure and 30 are in the
At present The Gazelles are limited to the occasional matches against The Storms and travel to overseas tournaments once or twice a year.
After careful coordination between the two organisations, the two gazelles arrived at Al Ain Zoo and were initially housed under quarantine conditions for approximately one month.
29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SMS PASSCODE, a global technology leader in multi-factor authentication, today announced that it has been honored by Borsen, Denmark's leading business publication, with the Gazelle Fast Growth 2013 award.
He brings particular skills that he's honed from being a CEO and from starting his own companies" said Keith Cupp, president and head coach of Gazelles International.
Hominids hunted gazelles and other relatively small animals and hauled their take back to Kanjera South, the researchers say, as evidenced by the presence of complete skeletons from some animals.
Cardiff's percentage of gazelle businesses was significantly higher than Bristol's rate of 7.
The research looked at surviving businesses from 2007-10 which employed more than 10 staff and achieving annualised employment growth of 20% during the period, Cardiff's percentage of gazelle businesses was 11.
The main threat to the species is the loss of their primary food--jebeer gazelle, goitered gazelle, urial sheep and wild goat--due to poaching and grazing competition from domestic livestock.