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a collective name for seven genera of ungulates similar in appearance and size (of the 15 genera which compose the subfamily of true antelopes, Antilopinae). The representatives of the eight remaining genera are called pygmy antelopes. Gazelles are small animals with a light, slender build and lyrate horns. The gazelles comprise 19 species, which are widely distributed over the desert and steppe regions of North and East Africa, Southwest and Central Asia, and northwest India. They are polygamous animals living in herds of up to several hundred individuals. They feed on grassy vegetation. Gazelles are known for their great speed, and they frequently migrate over a wide area. The females annually bear one or two young. They are valuable for hunting and commercial purposes, and their flesh, skin, and horns are all utilized. Most species are sharply declining in number and need protection. Two species are found in the USSR, the Persian gazelle and the Mongolian gazelle.


Mlekopitaiushchie Sovetskogo Soiuza, vol. 1. Edited by V. G. Geptner and N. P. Naumov. Moscow, 1961.


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Salukis or greyhounds are Bedouin hunting dogs that can run up to 65kmph and were used to hunt rabbits and gazelles in the olden days.
The Dama gazelle, the largest of all gazelles, is also one of the rarest.
"There are more Gazelles in action soon as Graham McWilliam, Gayle Cameron and Darlene Dent take on the London Marathon, while Gail Irvine and Donna Stewart run the Stirling Marathon - all the very best luck to everyone."
The 2,000 reduction in number of elephants recorded in the year reverses a growth trend observed after 2015 when their population climbed 6,200 to hit the 22,000 in 2016.Also recording a steep drop were the Grant's gazelle whose population fell to 106,500 from 112,100 in 2016.
Prince Jalawi bin Abdul Aziz released a group of Arabian oryxes, goitered gazelles, Edmi antelopes, houbaras, and ostriches.
Manama: Security officers at Farasan Islands off the Saudi coast have foiled an attempt to smuggle out live gazelles.
Slightly in the north, we observed groups of gazelles in seven hamada and mountain localities near Bechar where their presence was regular from Kenadsa to Beni Ounif.
(TAP) - A new batch of 21 Atlas gazelles from the Andalusian city of Almeria (Spain) was received on Thursday afternoon at Jebel Serj National Park (governorate Siliana), during a ceremony held in the presence of Habib Abid, Director General of forests, and Spain's Ambassador in Tunisia, Juan Lopez-Doriga Perez.
HATAY (CyHAN)- Around 400 gazelles wandering on Turkey-Syria border struggle to survive along with local people near the ongoing battle in Syria.
S ponsor officiel de l'equipage marocain Nu221, McDonald's Maroc a organise ce mardi 14 avril un dejeuner presse en l'honneur des deux championnes qui ont remporte le Premier Prix du Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (RAG) dans la Categorie 4*4.